Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crazy Week!

Man what a week!

On Monday night my hubby took us all out for dinner and when we got back we had just put the kids to bed and the lights started to flicker and we heard this popping noise, our meter box is on the outside of our house so im always afraid that someone sore with james being a state trooper will sabotage it and the noise started to sound like someone knocking on the back of our house, so we run out there and our friggin meter box is ON FIRE and sparking, so hubby has me call 911 and tells me to get the kids in the car just in case the house catches on fire! The fire truck and everything came (i was so embarassed) they also called the power company and turned off the power thank god cause the pole everything was connected to reached 150 degrees and was close to the flash point where it would have caught the house on fire. It took us all day tuesday to get the whole box replaced, the electrician said that it melted the plastic on a very important wire and if it would have burnt it that everything in our house would have been hit with 250 voltz and would have been fried!

THEN....this morning someone went to our house and a fellow troopers house (close friends of ours) and flattened all the tires on thier cruisers, they didnt get our personal vehicle but they got our friends personal vehicle and even his neighbors truck that was parked close to thier house! Just makes me so mad cause what if there was somone needing help? and to think that punk vandals were on my property touching our things and were so close to my children makes me sick! Good thing though is that they didnt slash the tires but just put pellets in the air stems but it still makes me mad!

So SORRY for the tangeant but its been "exciting" here lately lol!

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