Sunday, April 12, 2009


OMG the rockin Jeni B gave me some of these amazing paints called Shimmerz in my prize package a couple weeks ago and I just used them for the first time and I am star struck! I love the little babies! You can totally control your level of bling by the amount of paint you apply and let me tell ya, a little goes a LONG way! Here I used them on my flowers that I made into neat little magnets for a handmade note board.

I purchased a small cork board for $2 but the cork was very thin and I really didnt like the look of the cork but loved the size and the framing so I found a magnetic dry erase board for $3 and ripped it apart to salvage the thin piece of metal and cut it to size and it worked PERFECT!

It is so hard to show shimmer in a photo but these things are just lovely in real life, take my word for it? You can find them on ebay and will hopefully be available at the store I work at soon so let me know how interested you are and I can deffinetly find you a place to get them :)

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Jeni Boisvert said...

What a super cute project Courtney! I'm so glad that you loved the Shimmerz! They are very addicting, watch out ;) xoxo