Friday, April 17, 2009

Star Technique

Ive had a few requests asking how I made my stars in my last layout so Ive decided to make a technique post. I think everyone will be shocked at how easy these lovely little stars are to make.

First step is to trace or draw a star shape on a scrap or any desired paper. Here ive chosen white so that you all can see it better.

Next cut out the star.

Next grab a pen and a ruler or any straight edge and draw a line down the center of each arm all the way down.

Now we take our star and fold along each crease leaving the marks on the inside of your crease so that they will be on the back side of your star.

Next is the most fun and final step, ink each of your creases and edges and Viola you have an awesome barn style star! So easy!

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Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

Cool technique thanks for sharing.